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As soon as you complete your subscription to Bilinks.com, you can create your own website. Then, you can easily create an ad for each of your products.

Our complete tool box will let you run your business online quickly! A world of possibilities awaits you!

For a new or existing business in the retail industry, Bilinks is the place to be.

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for Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors

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Bilinks.com Marketplace simplifies the lives of retailers to sell your products online and to increase store foot traffic.

Bilinks.com has built a complete commercial back-office for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

You can easily create a Bilinks.com free account for each of your retailer stores, to generate an online ad for each of your products and show whether the store has it in stock or not.

If you offer 10 000 products to 2 000 retailers, that can represent 20 000 000 ads on the Bilinks.com Marketplace.

Each ad is search engine friendly optimized, and all of them can point to your online store. Your ads can be written in French or in English and can be seen from anywhere in the world.

How can Bilinks.com help me find new retailers ?

The commercial Bilinks.com back-office allows each manufacturer to search, contact, communicate, and share with new or existing outlets.

Moreover, you can expect a greater visibility on social media networks with our content creation technique, helping you strengthen your position in your own market but also in new territory.

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