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A Simple and Effective Approach

Bilinks.com provides accessible tools to help you increase your Web presence from a simple product list.

Starting from a product list, you can create thousands of ads on Bilinks.com marketplace.

The back-office tool allows you to download your product list quickly and easily to generate product Web page ads will only take a few seconds.

Follow these steps to become a web giant:

First, your account registration will allow you to create or edit for free your profile in English and French.

Then, explore your promotions details, news, articles, and other useful informations, helpful to your customers.

Step # 1: Subscribe to a Package

Two monthly packages are available:

  • The $ 49 SILVER monthly package features are :
    • An unlimited ads creator tool.
    • A quick edit tool for large number of ads.
    • Access to Bilinks.com buttons for customers to book in-store appointments.
    • An in-store appointment manager tool.
    • A statistic dashboard.
  • In addition to the SILVER package, the $ 99 GOLD package monthly package features are:
    • A massive ads importing tool to publish several thousand of product ads at once.

    Step # 2: Update your Profile

    Each of your ads contains your enterprise description and a link to view your profile.

    Your promotions, news and articles are indexed to search engines to boost your visibility.

    Items you can modify:

    • Create an unlimited number of ads
    • Your promotions
    • What's new
    • Your articles
    • Company pictures
    • Your logo
    • Your opening hours
    • Your employees description
    • Your complete contact information
    • Accepted payment methods
    • Parking access
    • Etc ...

    Step # 3: Enter your Ads

    SILVER package let you create individual ads using the Bilinks buttons.

    The GOLD package let you create thousands of product ads in seconds using your inventory software. Each of these ads will show ''Book in store'' or ''Make an appointment'' Bilinks buttons.

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