Bilinks Buttons – 10 Free Credits When You Register!

Each “Bilinks button” is an opportunity for you to generate customers. These buttons are placed on your ads to increase your search engine visibility and increase your store visits and sales.

Each “Bilinks button” is an opportunity for you to generate customers

The “Bilinks buttons” can be placed on each of your ads.
4 types of Bilinks buttons
The “Book in-store” Bilinks button allows customers to reserve a product and pick it up later at their stores.

The “Make an appointment” Bilinks button allows customers to make an appointment or reservation.

In both cases, one click = a sale + a visit!

The “Order online” Bilinks button allows you to redirect consumers to a specific page on your online store to complete a transaction.

The “Additional information” Bilinks button allows you to redirect the consumer to the webpage of your choice. It can be a page containing a product description or simply your website’s home page.
Advantages for you
The Bilinks buttons bring you customers and visits, on your website or in your store!

Each of your ads becomes an online business tool ... and you can create an English ad and a French ad for each of your products!

Very quickly, you will see the assets of Bilinks Buttons!

In addition, the Bilinks buttons are offered at very advantageous prices.
How it works
On one of your ads, the customer clicks a Bilinks button.
For store bookings and appointments, the client must specify his request by completing a form.
When he confirms his order, Bilinks counts the click made and deduces this click of your Bilinks button package.
Afterwards, you receive an email allowing you to communicate with the consumer to confirm the reservation of your service or product, or to manage the order. This email contains all the relevant information about the customer.
A messaging system allows the customer to contact you at any time.
In addition, you have an order history in your Bilinks account at all times.

When you choose the accompanied management option, our Customer Success Center makes sure you always have enough Bilinks buttons so that you never miss an opportunity for a sale or booking of your products or services.
Get your package now!

As soon as you register, Bilinks offers you the free use of 10 Bilinks buttons. Thanks to the Bilinks button packages, you can get 10 to 500 clicks on Bilinks buttons for a great price.

To maximize your sales, contact our Customer Success Center now! Let Bilinks work for you!