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A Wonderful Opportunity

How to control your brand awareness to market your products on the Web!

As a manufacturers, marketing and brand awareness are the most important activities to your business.

Bilinks.com commercial back-office is designed to easily communicate product information between suppliers and distributors in respect of your brands. Doing so, it’s now easier than ever to communicate a complete description of each of your products to retailers.

The feature tools available through the back office, will help you publish your products as an ad containing all product informations and descriptions.

Using you internal software like your ERP or PIM, it is easier than ever to put your data online in minutes

The Bilinks.com marketplace provides a new and innovative marketing platform to support your Web commercial business development.

a Web Giant

Broadcast your products on Bilinks Marketplace and increase your sales.
Target new distributors who can create thousands of ads from your products.
Allow each of your distributors to sell each of your products.

What makes us
unique to others
manufacturers website?

Bilinks.com marketplace helps a manufacturer to fully strengthen the loyalty of their retailer network converting brand awarness to sales.

  • Find new distributors looking for manufacturers in a region.
  • Created all products with an Excel file via massive import programme.
  • Create your own ads to sell your products.
  • You can create your own points of sale if you deal directly with a merchant.
  • Your distributors can create thousands of ads from your products.
  • Also, you can find new outlets, according to a given region, looking for products.
  • You can send a message by our weekly email to each of your points of sale.
  • Distribute your products with a single click to your distributors or to your points of sale.
  • We automatically create an ad page for each of your products for each point of sale on Bilinks Marketplace.

Become a Web Giant Now

Bilinks.com is a new and innovative commercial back-office platform build to easily transfer product information between suppliers, distributors and retailers. From now on, the retail industry will never be the same. Increase your online presence and become a Web Giant!
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