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Outstanding Visibility
Generate millions of online ads for each of your products on the Bilinks Marketplace.
Bilinks automatically creates a profile for each retailers.
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Each of your retailers can sell all of your products.
A Powerful Network
Stay informed about the latest manufacturers products.
A Worry-Free Solution
Nothing to do ! Hassle-free automated process.
Business Solution
Promote and develop your market to increase your sales.

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Bilinks is the first marketplace built to promote and publish your products online in minutes!

  1. French and English profile available.
  2. Promote your products and be more visible!
  3. Publish your online ads for free!
  4. Edit quickly your ads online*.
  1. Use spreadsheets to publish your products online**.
  2. Your clients can now click and collect their products in-store*.
  3. Your customers can book in-store appointments*.
  4. Add online special offers in just a few click*.

* Available with the GOLD and SILVER packages   ** Available with the GOLD package

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