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Bilinks.com is a Web Marketplace intended to the retail industry, where the consumer can easily find a product in a store nearby.

Plus, Bilinks.com acts as a commercial back-office platform where manufacturers, distributors, manufacturing agent, import/export agent and retailers can meet to quickly maximize their presence on the Web.

With the help of our innovative automation solution, search engine and geolocation technologies, all products web page are linked to a retailer with the main objective to increase in-store traffic.

Bilinks.com Marketplace creates a web page for each product and for each retailer.

Bilinks.com goal is to enable the retail industry to easily provide access to products from a retailer to a customer.

A store can now offer more than a physical quantity of product in-store but offer thousands of them in its virtual store on the Bilinks.com Marketplace.

This offer is available to manufacturers, banners and distributors. Contact an agent advisor from our Customer Success Center to know more.
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