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A Simple and Automated Process

Bilinks offers you an unexpensive and simple way to promote your business.

The steps are:

  • Create reports from your PIM or your ERP. On a daily basis, your systems automatically create reports (retailers lists, product lists, invoices, etc.). These reports are placed in a directory where a program reads the data and send it to Bilinks.com.
  • Creating ads. When Bilinks.com receives the data, it creates a Bilinks.com account for all retailers, all products available and an ad for all of your products.
  • Update ads. We'll also update the ads from the new data available in these reports.
  • Products in stock. In these reports, it is possbile to recognize which products are in stock or not for each retailers. Moreover, the retailers can select, thanks to a simple interface, each products available in-store.
  • Smart ads. Each ad has a product and retailer description and a map where the product is in-store.
  • Ecommerce. All product ads can be link to your online business website to maximize sales.

A Complete Promotion Plan

In order to onboard new retailers and new manufacturers, Bilinks.com offers you a complete promotion plan.

This includes:

  • Training your sales force. We have a program to train your representatives so they can easily explain how Bilinks.com works.
  • Social media campaigns. We also build social media campaing to promote your company and sales representatives.
  • Customer acquisition campaigns. As we work with manufacturers, distributors and retailers, you can connect to the Bilinks.com network to acquire new markets.
  • Software Solutions. Bilinks.com is a complete platform to increase your sales. We offer different solutions to connect to various systems.

A New Promotion Approach

A new approach, as exciting as it may be, raises a set of questions about the costs, implementation and the team needed.

First, we will provide a free tool implementation to automatically publish ads for free. Once it's installed, it runs by itself.

Second, a Bilinks.com profile account is created for each of your retailers. To have access to its profile, a retailer must subdscribe to a monthly package. Many features are available to modify the retailer's profile, to add content and use the Bilinks.com clickable buttons to make appointments and in-store reservation.

For each retailers subscriptions, the distributor will receives a monthly kickback.

A New Business Partner

Nowadays, being present on the web is a must. Marketing campains and social media content are not enough to succeed.

Fortunately, Bilinks.com is an amazing platform to promote the retail industry and contribute to a unique presence on the Web.

a Web Giant

Create thousands of product ads on Bilinks.com marketplace to increase your sales.
Support the local economy and increase in-store foot trafic.
Allow each of your retailers to sell all your products.

What makes us
unique to others
distributor / manufacturer website?

Bilinks.com marketplace helps a distributor or a manufacturer to fully strengthen the loyalty of their retailer network converting brand awarness to sales.

  • We automatically create a Bilinks account for each of your retailers.
  • We automatically create an ad web page for each of your products for each of your retailers on the Bilinks.com marketplace.
  • Each store can select the products it has in stock
  • The manufacturers can provide to distributors a complete description of each of products.
  • Every ad are linked to your e-commerce website.
  • Each ads show where the retailers has the product in-store.
  • All visits and phone calls from your ads are value reminders!
  • You can send messages from our weekly email blast to each of your retailers.

Become a Web Giant Now

Bilinks.com is a new and innovative commercial back-office platform build to easily transfer product information between suppliers, distributors and retailers. From now on, the retail industry will never be the same. Increase your online presence and become a Web Giant!
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