How to increase your sales online

  • Nicolas Belisle
  • 2019-08-08

Web marketing and customer relationship

Nowadays, marketplaces offer most of the time home delivery. In terms of store traffic, it's a major fact and its more and more damaging to the storefront retailers.

These circumstances have a very negative impact on the customer relationship being less regular and faithful.

How, in this context, can we strengthen the customer relationship at the very heart of the local economy? Will the human aspect of the business retail industry gradually disappear?

Here are some practical tips to improve your customer relationship through the web.

First step: build a massive web presence

On the web, everybody knows content is king.

Stronger is your presence on the web, more customers (past or future) will relate to you.

As you can imagine, content creation on the web is very time-consuming.

Bilinks offers you 2 ways to massively broadcast your content on the web in no time.

A) Bilinks allows you to put all of your products online on the Bilinks marketplace under few seconds. For each of your products, Bilinks will create a fully described ad. For just 49$ a month, you'll be able to run thousands of listings on the Web.

B) Also, Bilinks encourage the distributor industry to automatically create ads for their merchants and outlets. For example, if one distributors has a catalog of 15,000 products, an outlet can now have 15,000 listings on the Bilinks marketplace, all pointing to its store.

All ads are designed to bring back customer to the store. Can you imagine a store showing tens of thousands of products online and how this can greatly increase customer awareness ?

Thus, in no time, a retailer can become a Web giant!

Second step: targeted web offers

You can now use the web to make your customers feel more important.

A) How to retain your regular customers

Conduct customer surveys to find new opportunities (low hanging fruits) and offer exclusive products or services on your website.

As an example, on one side of a business card, put the address of a customer survey (You can build one by visiting surveymonkey.com or use any other web product) and on the other side of the card, the address of your Bilinks web page account where targeted products are available to your "VIP" customers.

Plus, it will be easy to point your web links to your Bilinks listing pages.

Each time a customer comes to visit your store, give them a card and thank them for their fidelity. By taking advantage of these special offers, the customer will show up with the card in hand.

B) How to retain your non-regular customers

A non-regular customer is a customer who mainly does business with your competitors.

You can increase customer loyalty by using a similar approach, such as a web-based survey and a link to your Bilinks listing where you'll be able to show exclusive promotions and new features that customers may not be able to see in stores.

Build your customer relationship thanks to Bilinks call to action buttons

Bilinks allows you to put on each of your ads, a call to action button "Book in store" or "Make an appointment". These two call to action buttons can increase your sales but can also help to connect with your customers.

Also, Bilinks internal messaging will inform you about the customer’s name and any other information’s allowing you to connect with them along the road.

In that matter, you’ll know a little better your customers.

I hope these practical tips will help you in your business.

About This Author - Nicolas Belisle

Founder of three companies in technology acting as a consultant, he is a business developer, who works to market, distribute and finance projects. He specializes in operations, management and digital marketing. His areas of expertise are to prospect and qualify markets.

He studies social influence and consciousness within sales accelerators and innovations clusters. He collaborates with the ministère de l’Économie de l’innovation (MEI) to promote entrepreneurship within the Montérégie region (TAEM), he acts as Mentor for Futurpreneur Canada and he is part of the executive committee for the Association numérique pour l’opportunité Africaine (ANOA).

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