How to get higher traffic online for retail businesses?

  • Jean Lamontagne
  • 2019-07-25

How to get higher traffic online for retail businesses?

The web is like a highway ! If you’re not present, you do not exist.

With over a billion of websites in the world, the chances to find your website or online business website "by accident" is very low.

Let's see how your retail business can have a strong presence on the Web and the advantages and disadvantages of search engines optimization?

These are the three well known ways to boost your online presence on search engines:

• Organic search engine optimization methods

• Purchase keywords

• Content creation

Web page optimization requires a lot of time as well as specific skills. Not so hard to tell, but results are uncertain.

Purchasing keywords will get more traffic almost instantaneous. However, the average cost coming from Google is 2.42$. Generally, each new customer costs more than 200$.

Content creation is important but can be a very expensive option in terms of time and skills.

In resume, the quality / price ratio does not always lead to the expected result.

What are the advantages and disadvantages using social media strategies for a retailer?

Social media is the most effective form of communication and nowadays is fantastic for lead generation and initial contact.

Each social media has its reach and audience.

In any case, social media requires two important things:

• Establishing your presence ... (takes a lot of time)

• Building followers ... (takes a lot of time)

• Quality content creation ... (takes a lot of time)

Social medias are omnichannel customer experiences, but it requires creativity, strategy and a lot of efforts. For most of us, we need to handle this to specialists and experts and this can quickly blow your annual budget.

What are the marketplaces advantages and disadvantages for a retailer?

Marketplaces space has paved the way to Kijiji, Craiglist, LesPAC, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Alibaba, Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, Wish ...

There are two types of online marketplaces:

• Classified ad websites

• Online store websites

Classified ad websites will often allow you to post a few ads for free. If you want to post more ads, they’ll charge you an extra fee (eg.: an extra monthly fee). On the other hand, you’ll have no commission to pay.

Online store websites will charge you a fee to sell your stuff and will also charge you a sale commission fee. The total price paid can certainly be lower than classified ads websites, but the high commission fee will largely offset the difference.

The main problem with marketplaces is the time to publish a large number of ads. Building an amazing ad will need several pictures and a detailed description. Let’s say it takes time and you need to keep things rolling if you have a lot of products to sell.

Having a daily presence on a marketplace is a full-time job.

What are the advantages of Bilinks Marketplace?

Bilinks Marketplace propose a totally new approach.

Indeed, the manufacturers and the distributors create the detailed ads to use by the retailers on the marketplace. No time to waste!  As a retailer, you can select which products are in special or the ones you have in stock, that's it!

Easy as it can be, it is now possible to sell all you distributor’s products on Bilinks Marketplace. As it will represent hundreds of thousands of ads, Bilinks handles all of the hard work. By generating ads for each products, your presence on the Web will obviously increase and will have a major impact on your website search engine optimization.

Soon, Bilinks will propose a web form to publish hundreds of ads to any other marketplaces in a minute by a simple click.

And you know what ? It’s completely FREE for the retailers

To make it short, Bilinks helps you boost your online presence to become a web giant!

About This Author - Jean Lamontagne

Coach, author, videographer, blogger, speaker, programmer and technological entrepreneur for more than 35 years, Jean Lamontagne created or participated in the creation of 7 companies during this period. Well known for the development of the site LesPAC.com, he is particularly active in the production of content for social media where he shares his good stuff in business. With his team, he has just launched the platform Bilinks.com, true "SEO & Sales Boosters", to broadcast on the web the complete list of products and services of a company easily, quickly and for free.

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