How to sell your products on online marketplaces

  • Nicolas Belisle
  • 2019-07-16

How to sell your products on online marketplaces ?

There is a way to successfully sell more products on different marketplaces and to offer the best available product is not enough to generate a significant number of sales.

Important tasks will help you increase the odds to eventually succeed. As you might know, the majority of online marketplaces monitor your performance as a seller and will reward the most active sellers.

But how do you constantly, automatically and without any effort, add items to your marketplace?

Let's see how many tasks it needs to create an ad on an online marketplace:


- Find and add 3 to 5 images per ad

- Write a detailed description per ad

- Add "Tags", keywords, titles, etc.

- Repeat these operations depending on how many ads you publish; because being regular is an essential action for you to succeed!

It's a long and tedious job. Plus, if you have hundreds or even thousands of products to add, it's a full-time job, right ?

Ideally, best practices are based on systems that will automatically add your products and description to the marketplace of your choice.

Good news! The Bilinks.com platform will soon dramatically decrease the time it takes to capture and display ads on any marketplaces.

Let me show you how Bilinks will impact the retail business?

Bilinks will allow:

- Manufacturers to control the brand image and description for each products and on all platforms

- Distributors to automatically generate thousands of ads for each of their retailers

- Distributors and retailers to point ads to their e-commerce website

- Retailers to publish dozens of ads on various marketplaces in a few minutes

- Retailers to get thousands of links on search engines and directly reach potential customers

Distributors will be able to create a huge amount of online ads for each retailers keeping in mind that the main objective is to bring more customers in store.

With Bilinks, a new era will begin for the retail industry.

Follow us to know more about our new Bilinks website, available early fall 2019.

About This Author - Nicolas Belisle

Founder of three companies in technology acting as a consultant, he is a business developer, who works to market, distribute and finance projects. He specializes in operations, management and digital marketing. His areas of expertise are to prospect and qualify markets.

He studies social influence and consciousness within sales accelerators and innovations clusters. He collaborates with the ministère de l’Économie de l’innovation (MEI) to promote entrepreneurship within the Montérégie region (TAEM), he acts as Mentor for Futurpreneur Canada and he is part of the executive committee for the Association numérique pour l’opportunité Africaine (ANOA).

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