How to Increase the Renewal of Your Service Packages?

  • Jean Lamontagne
  • 2019-04-29

In this blog, you will learn a method to increase the renewal rate of your service packages. As in most of my blogs, I propose you here a concrete business thing to improve the performance of your company.

The fear of losing is your best bet!

Do you know that fear of losing something is 10 times stronger than greed?

This observation is the basis of a proven technique for renewing packages. If you ask a customer to renew their plan, you are spontaneously perceived as someone who is mainly after his money. On the other hand, if the customer has the feeling that he will lose something if he does not renew his package with you and, better still, that you do him a favor if he renews with you, then you are no longer a seller but a friend!

Make sure your customer has something to lose if he does not renew

In creating your packages, there must be something left to lose at the end of the plan in most cases.

No one has better exploited this technique than LesPAC.com. In fact, by selling packages of 10, 25 or 50 advertisements of a maximum duration of 1 year, most customers did not use their package as much as possible. LesPAC offered its customers at the end of their package a new package so as not to lose the remaining publications. This friendly offer has created a spectacularly high renewal rate for packages and has greatly increased revenue over the years.

How to create packages that facilitate renewal?

How to set up this method?

  • Your packages must have a limited life.
  • They must also contain services that will not necessarily be used during the term of the package.
  • Unused services should be perceived as a loss by your customers.
  • Your company must send a message to your customer before the end of the package indicating that it would be unfortunate to lose any unused paid services.
  • You also indicate in this message that you offer him to take advantage of these services by renewing his package.

    It's simple and effective. As promised, you now know a practical way to increase the renewal rate of your service packages. I hope this method will benefit you.

    I invite you to sign up for Bilinks.com so that your business becomes a web giant.

    I wish you good business.

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