How to Get Thousands of Links to Your Website (Backlinks) in No Time?

  • Jean Lamontagne
  • 2019-04-22

In this blog, you will learn a method to get thousands of links to your site (backlinks) in minutes. As in most of my blogs, I propose you here a concrete business thing to improve the results of your company.

A strong presence on the Internet is a condition of your medium-term survival

Everyone knows that a strong internet presence is almost a condition of success for a business today. However to feed the "beast" internet, we must have content, a lot of content. Do you know that your business probably has a lot of content to broadcast and you do not even see it?

How to become a giant of the web ... almost instantaneously!

Indeed, with the arrival of Bilinks, the list of your products and services has become this content. Thanks to Bilinks, each of your products and services creates an ad on Bilinks and, most of the time, on Facebook Marketplace and is also referenced on search engines.

The majority of companies pay thousands of dollars to create and maintain a site that creates some references on search engines. With Bilinks, you will have, in addition to a complete business listing in French and English, the opportunity to put all your products and services online for free.

For example, the N. Thiboutot garage in St-André de Kamouraska now has more than 16,000 online ads on Bilinks for its Massey Ferguson parts.

What is the procedure for obtaining thousands of references on the web?

How to reach this result?

  1. Sign up or claim your business on Bilinks.com.
  2. Use your inventory software to create a list of your products on an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Prepare some photos and use the form on Bilinks to create your ads. Indicate that you want to use the "Make an appointment", "Book in store" and especially "Additional info" buttons to create links to your site.

If you want help, contact the Bilinks Customer Success Center.

As promised, you now know a practical way to get thousands of links to your site (backlinks) in no time. I hope this method will be profitable for you.

I invite you to register on Bilinks.com so that your company becomes a giant of the web.

I wish you good business.

About This Author - Jean Lamontagne

Coach, author, videographer, blogger, speaker, programmer and technological entrepreneur for more than 35 years, Jean Lamontagne created or participated in the creation of 7 companies during this period. Well known for the development of the site LesPAC.com, he is particularly active in the production of content for social media where he shares his good stuff in business. With his team, he has just launched the platform Bilinks.com, true "SEO & Sales Boosters", to broadcast on the web the complete list of products and services of a company easily, quickly and for free.

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