• Jean Lamontagne
  • 2019-04-01

Time passes so fast!

For 3 years, many people have contributed to the creation of Bilinks. I would like to thank them today for their hard work and dedication.

Computer Science: Salim Draaoui, Alexandra Jiminez, Geoffrey Bastien, Abdelkrim Allek and Francis Lanoue

Content Creation: Frédérique Allamand, Philippe Jallon and Dominique Maheux

Website Graphics: André Roberge (logo), Marjolaine Allie, Marielle Maheu and Francois Arbour

Management and Administration: Michel Lavoie, Christelle Faivre, Yuliya Vasilyeva and Gilles Lamontagne

Legal and Associated: Michel d'Amours

Intelligence of the Data: Claudine Legruiec, Dominique Maheux and all his team

Business Development: Mathieu d'Amours, Christelle Faivre and Emmanuel Challier

Customer Service: Billal Tabaichount and André Maheux

Consultants: Elias Geha, Thu-Ha To, Denis Champagne, Joseph Abramson and Nicolas Belisle

Our Exceptional Advisory Committee: Alain Nadeau, Pierre-Yves Méthot, Jake Malczewski and Martin Duchaîne

Advisors: Jing Fu, coaches of “Défi Croissance Montréal”, Aurélie Lamontagne and Gilbert Rock

It is difficult in a project of this magnitude with such a large network of collaborators to adequately thank all those people who donated their time and talent to make Bilinks a success.

I would especially like to thank the people who have agreed to participate in the project each week for months over the last year without, often, obtaining monetary recognition so far. They are Dominique Maheux, Mathieu d'Amours, Salim Draaoui, Christelle Faivre, Michel d'Amours, Frédérique Allamand, Philippe Jallon and Yuliya Vasilyeva. Although there are always detours in launching a startup, they have been deeply involved in the project and have guided product development in more than one way.

Many of the people I thanked are still with us. Unfortunately, Mathieu d'Amours, my partner and friend, who enlightened us on the paths to take, who was really a guide for the team, died after a long illness last February. Bilinks was one of the sources of his happiness. The whole team joins me in offering their condolences to the family and their loved ones.

It is thanks to his inspiration that we will make Bilinks a success.

Jean Lamontagne
Founding President

About This Author - Jean Lamontagne

Coach, author, videographer, blogger, speaker, programmer and technological entrepreneur for more than 35 years, Jean Lamontagne created or participated in the creation of 7 companies during this period. Well known for the development of the site LesPAC.com, he is particularly active in the production of content for social media where he shares his good stuff in business. With his team, he has just launched the platform Bilinks.com, true "SEO & Sales Boosters", to broadcast on the web the complete list of products and services of a company easily, quickly and for free.

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