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Bilinks.com is a marketplace where consumers can find what their local retailers are hiding in their store.

Whatever the retailer has the product in-store or not, a client can easily find a product on the Web to a nearby store, order it and pick up in-store.


Bilinks.com is a marketplace where consumers can find what their local retailers are hiding in their store.

Bilinks.com allows you to easily and quickly create an ad for each of your products to generate visibility on all available search engines.

The outcome is a never imagine presence where now you can aspire to Become a Web Giant.

Starting today, you can create ads for all of your products whatever it’s in store or not. If you have an online e-commerce Website, your customers can order online or pickup their order in-store.


Bilinks.com provide a complete promotion plan that allows each retailers to sell every single products that a distributor have in its product catalogue.

From now on, each of your retailers can not only sell their in-store inventory but all the available catalogue.

Bilinks.com marketplace let you create one web page by product for each of your retailers. Each web pages are indexed on all search engine geographically to make it easier for your customers to find you.

Start today with a Bilinks.com account and sell all of your products online with in-store pick up.


The rising market competition and the brand loyalty among customers are posing major challenges for suppliers in the retail industry. Branding and marketing a product image is more expensive on the Web than ever.

Bilinks.com commercial back-office is designed to easily communicate product information between suppliers and distributors in respect of your brands.

The Bilinks.com marketplace provides a new and innovative marketing platform to support your Web commercial business development.


As an association, your mission is to keep your members loyal as well as finding new ones.

Always looking for new and innovative ways to provide more advantages to your members, Bilinks.com marketplace introduce a user-friendly tool to register your members and earn revenues for your association.

a Web Giant

Create thousands of product ads on Bilinks.com marketplace to increase your sales.
Support the local economy and increase in-store foot trafic.
Allow each of your retailers to sell all your products.

What makes us
unique to others
distributor website?

Bilinks.com marketplace helps a distributor to fully strengthen the loyalty of their retailer network converting brand awarness to sales.

  • We automatically create a Bilinks account for each of your retailers.
  • We automatically create an ad web page for each of your products for each of your retailers on the Bilinks.com marketplace.
  • Automatically, our system find the products in-store through purchase orders reports.
  • In addition, each store can select the products it has in stock
  • Your manufacturers can provide you with a complete description of each of your products.
  • Every ad are linked to your e-commerce website.
  • Each ads show where the retailers has the product in-store.
  • All visits and phone calls from your ads are value reminders!
  • You can send messages from our weekly email blast to each of your retailers.